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hello! [Jan. 30th, 2008|01:40 pm]


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So, here's an intro to me.

name: Sarah
age: 20
favorite female writers/poets with themes of madness? Sylvia Plath, Elyn Saks, Kay Redfield Jamison, Emily Dickinson
favorite books on madness? Touched by Fire, The Center Cannot Hold, The Bell Jar, Detour
favorite films which document or hint at "women & madness"? Girl, Interrupted, The Hours
favorite quote, or line from one of the authors/poets/books/film stated above?

"I felt a Funeral, in my Brain
and Mourners, to and fro"
--Emily Dickinson

do you have personal experiences which have been touched on in this community? Well, I am bipolar and obsessive-compulsive. I also deal with severe anxiety and disassociative symptoms. I am pretty sure I qualify as a mad woman. I also write.

[User Picture]From: junkiemessiah
2008-02-02 02:10 pm (UTC)
Awesome quote. I have personal experiences that I have yet to touch on in this community but I do have PTSD(post traumatic stress disorder), severe anxiety, and chronic depression. My brothers both have OCD so I'm very familiar with that and I know people with bipolar.
I write too. What do you write?
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